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Meet the new boss… Trump’s first-year approval rating mirrors Obama’s

Posted 12/29/2017 2:32 pm by with 0 comments

Despite mounds of negative publicity and outright fake news about him, his policies and first-year accomplishments, President Donald Trump is ending his first year in office with an approval rating that mirrors and in some ways exceeds his predecessor’s.


According to data from Rasmussen, which tracked approval ratings for Barack Obama and Trump, Trump ends the year at 46 percent approval and 53 percent disapproval – the exact spread Obama ended his first year with.


Recall that Obama received fawning, slobbering media coverage for everything he did and said. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews actually said on air that hearing Obama speak causes him to feel  “this thrill going up my leg. I don’t have that too often.”


Matthews all but teared up on air in a segment of Morning Joe, and also called Obama’s election “New Testament” stuff. And he was far from alone in his bootlicking.


Coverage of Obama was so over-the-top in Obama’s candidacy that Time magazine’s Mark Halperin warned his Obama-toady media colleagues about their pro-Obama bias. That type of coverage continued throughout Obama’s first year.


Conversely, Trump’s dealt with the ongoing fake Russia collusion scandal, along with dishonest fact-twisting and omission of truths done deliberately in order to cast him in a negative light.


According to Pew Research Center, early coverage of Trump has been three times more negative than it was for Obama (62 percent negative for Trump versus 20 percent negative for Obama) in their first years.  This was a continuation of the coverage Trump got during the run-up to the election. A study by the conservative-leaning Media Research Center found that 91 percent of the coverage about Trump on the three broadcast nightly newscasts in the three weeks before the election was negative.


Despite the discrepancy in the way they were treated in the media in their freshman years, Trump has actually trumped Obama in Rasmussen’s “intensity index” which measures the disparity between voters who “strongly” approve or disapprove.  As Peoplespunditdaily.com notes:


The latest presidential approval tracking spread include 29% who “Strongly Approve” of President Trump and 44% who “Strongly Disapprove,” giving him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -15. That’s about where it has been since December 21, while Mr. Obama hovered between -12 and -18.


As Red State reports, the 2017 Poynter Media Trust Survey found that fully 44 percent of Americans believe media outlets fabricate negative stories about Trump in an effort to discredit him. Among that 44 percent 24 percent say that about half of all negative stories about Trump are made up. Another 14 percent believe most negative stories about Trump are false, and another 6 percent say they all are.


Imagine where Trump’s approval ratings would be if the mainstream media reported honestly.

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