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Hilarious Supercut of Hillary “Reintroducing Herself” Proves How Much Liberal Media Loves Her

Posted 02/06/2016 5:36 pm by


Maybe if she wasn’t such a criminal psychopath historically, she wouldn’t have to keep reintroducing herself all the time in an effort to make people think she’s someone she isn’t.


Video: Hillary Clinton Laughing Greatest Hits CD


…because she could cannibalize a puppy on national television tomorrow and still win the nomination!


TRIGGER WARNING: If Hillary Clinton’s cackle is a potential trigger for you, this video could be very, very, VERY dangerous to watch. Turn back now. Go do something else, like read a good book or take a nice, warm bath or anything that isn’t watching this. You have been duly warned.

Watch Hillary Clinton Lie for 13 Minutes Straight


Then again, this video could’ve been titled, “Watch Hillary Clinton lie for 40 years” because pretty much every time she opens her mouth, something untrue falls out of it.

Watch Hillary Supporters Endorse KARL MARX as Her Vice President


Hillary Clinton, left; Karl Marx, deceased author of The Communist Manifesto, right


This is hard to watch, but then again, it’s hardly a surprise either.


Mark Dice once again took to the streets to get a new petition signed. Dice writes, “Hillary Clinton supporters are asked to sign a petition to approve of ‘her choice’ of Communist Karl Marx to be her vice president if she’s elected President of the United States. Are Hillary fans so out of touch with reality?”


“Out of touch” is one way to put it, and yes Mark. Yes, they are. Then again, you already knew that.


Just remember, these people can’t wait to vote this coming November! You know, for that “I voted” sticker… and for the first female president, regardless of how evil or scary she is. Because… women’s rights or something.

And, in other news, former CIA operative Valerie Plame will be campaigning for Hillary across New Hampshire with her husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson…


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