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Sustainable World? 5 Ways Our Modern Society is at Serious Risk

Posted 09/24/2015 1:13 pm by


In today’s world there are so many things to worry about that it can be tough to stay focused on what matters the most in life. Going to work, having a reliable car to drive around, and taking care of family members are just a few things you think about on a daily basis. But when it comes down to it, without a sustainable world to live in, all the luxuries won’t do you much good. The truth is that our modern society is at serious risk—here are five aspects to consider and how you can do your part to make things right again.


Resources are Getting Scarce


With billions of people walking this earth, our world’s resources are being used faster than they can be replenished—if they can be replenished at all. For example our earth provides us with 17 rare elements that are used to make electronics and other goods, but those resources are getting a little too rare and we’re having a hard time finding enough supplies to keep up with worldwide demand. To do your part, help retain our earth’s resources by using your electronics and household appliances until they simply don’t function anymore before replacing. You can recycle almost all electronics nowadays too.


Water is a Pretty Big Concern


Hundreds of thousands of people die each year from contaminated water, and many others don’t have access to drinkable or usable water at all. Just because the water flows freely from your pipes doesn’t mean that there is a never-ending supply to take advantage of. So put low-flow aerators on your sinks, take shorter showers, and be aware of how much water you’re using to water the lawn.


Energy Use is Tapping the Earth


Due to the burning of fossil fuels, humans have had a heavily negative effect on global warming and the availability of reliable fuel around the world. Turning off your lights when you aren’t using them, driving less often in preference of a bike or public transportation, and decreasing the amount of animal products you eat are all helpful ways to take pressure off the world’s energy resources. Looking into appliances and accessories that use alternative energies is a good idea too.


The Climate is Making a Big Change


Because of our large footprint on earth, the climate is rapidly changing in a way what isn’t conducive to life among those living in developed countries. And developing countries are having a hard time growing because of natural disasters and a lack of resources due to global warming. Attending community groups that are interested in relieving the climate crisis is a great way to get involved on a larger scale.


Civil Unrest is Becoming a Reality


The truth is that humans aren’t very happy about all of the changes going on in the world. Between a lack of water, global warming, and economic issues, civil society is starting to show signs of unrest that could have an effect on our everyday lives. Because of this, it’s important to prep for the confusion and unrest by putting together a box of essential survival items such as canned food, water, and any important medications that can be used in case of an emergency of some kind. Stocking up on food seeds, and even investing in a gun for protection are also good ideas (free shipping at Brownell’s can help). Getting your hands on a few survival magazines, books, and guides will ensure that you don’t overlook anything important throughout your preparations.


It’s never too early to get yourself prepared for anything that might come your way whether it’s a natural disaster or a civil disturbance.

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